We are a communication agency that develops engaging and accessible animations based on specific researchers’ work and content for GAME INDUSTRY, TELEVISION, CINEMA and SCIENCE RESEARCH. We are experts in the creation of art, information, entertainment, and technology. DO YOU HAVE A SCIENCE PROJECT? Whether you are a scientist, academic, perhaps in communications and marketing of academia, please contact us to find out how we could help promote your work. Let’s get your research out there!

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Ani4Bio Animated

We create games, animations and multimedia content

We are specialists in creating and developing audiovisual projects. We produce animations and games for different multimedia and streaming platforms. We have big experience with art, design, animation and programming language.

You give us the info and we condense the information

You provide us with the information and research you would like to see brought to life. We will speak with you either via email or phone to discuss your specific goals. We then take this information and create an engaging script written to the timeframe you require.

The magic happens

The voice over and any extra information or images you provide are then passed over to the animation team. We only ever ask for payment once you approve your animation.

About Us

Ani4bio works in two sectors: We help researchers with 2D / 3D animations. We develop games and animations for different sectors of entertainment and information.


We have heard the statistic that research papers are only read ten times and we think that is wrong.

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Science is amazing and we believe it deserves to be heard. Here at Ani4Bio, we convert your research paper into an engaging voiceover script, before creating a beautifully-designed animation from that.

Convert your research

We make sure everything is exactly as you want it, from the voiceover to the colour scheme, and we only ever publish or ask for payment once we have your approval.

Put simply, Ani4Bio was created to help researchers become more visible and to help satiate society’s interest in science. We’re here to educate and help the public improve their understanding for science – one researcher at a time. Fancy getting involved? Let us show you what we can do.

  • You give us the info
  • We condense the information
  • The magic happens

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Meet Our Staff

we are specialists


Peterson Isidoro

Animator Director and Partner


Ericsson Isidoro

Software Developer and Partner


Veronice Freitas

Graphic Designer and Editor

If you are an animator, editor or programmer please contact us.


Creative Team

Ani4Bio Animated Ltd. is a canadian animation company based in the beautiful town of Vancouver in the British Columbia. This studio was created by Peterson Isidoro da Silva (a.k.a Isidore Petersen): Filmmaker, programmer, game developer and motion designer with 30 years of international experience.

Our Service

We believe research should be accessible to everyone, and in a way that makes sense. No more complicated scientific jargon: our ambition is to produce animations that make your research accessible, visual and engaging. We’re here to educate and help the public improve their understanding for science.

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